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“This book is about the landscape of transformation, or as Gloria poetically frames it, "deconstructing the armature of the heart." I strongly recommend that anyone who cares about changing themselves or the world, read it.”

— Peter Block, Author, Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self Interest, Flawless Consulting, and The Answer to How is Yes
Legacy Living is a sacred promise, a covenant you make to yourself and to future generations.

In her stunning new book, Gloria compels us to re-imagine our lives and devote ourselves to what truly matters, not just for ourselves, but as stewards for our children and our children’s children.

Mississippi-born, Gloria tells about her father’s gift of legacy. As a young Black man in the apartheid South, he dared to give voice to a simple yet age-old dream: to create a better life for his family than the life he had known.

Through his passionate resolve, God’s glorious grace, and the unexpected generosity of writer William Faulkner, Gloria’s father laid the foundation for a magnificent legacy of service, vision, and stewardship.

Gloria guides you into the marvelous world of legacy living where you will learn how to step boldly and courageously into the life that is waiting just for you. She shows you how to have authority over tomorrow by living with purpose and intention today.


You will also learn how to give voice to your deepest longings and, by doing so, leave a shining legacy for generations to come.

Mother, sister, daughter, and wife in a 30+ year legacy-living marriage, Gloria is an award-winning poet, author, director, and performing artist, she is also Principal of Jazz, Inc., her executive coaching and consulting firm.

Gloria has published three books of poetry, including Journey of the Rose and The Open Door and has written an inspirational picture book for children of all ages about her father’s life-changing relationship with writer William Faulkner.

She speaks and leads legacy journeys worldwide. Working with people of all cultures, ages, and life circumstances, Gloria’s purpose is singular: to help others lift their voice as instruments for personal, professional, and organizational transformation.


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