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“This inspirational book demonstrates in practical ways how to cultivate the character qualities of love, faith, trust, wisdom, vision, and integrity in order to unharness the unlimited creative and resourcefulness found in the human spirit. Gloria Burgess provides an invaluable guidebook for any profession, age group, or individual.”

— Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author, The Second Half of Life and The Four-Fold Way
I was 4 years old, alone, terrified, and hurting. I was placed in a
crib with a net over the top so that I might not escape. I was crouched in the corner of the crib when I saw a beautiful figure dressed in white. She removed the netting, took me in her arms. Listening to her soft voice, I was no longer terrified and alone, and the hurting diminished. I wanted, from that moment on, to make others feel as this lady in white made me feel. I never knew her name. I later learned that she was a nurse and my passion began! I've been a nurse for 47 years. I now volunteer for Hospice, where I met another lady named Joan, who further changed my life. Even though I'm in the winter of my years, she gave to me what the lady in white had given to me! A passion to continue! Sharing hoping, trusting continuously! Flow forward!

                        ~ Mary Bartyzal

My wonderful life is, in no small part, due to the incredible influence Gloria has had on me during the past ten years. Gloria had inspired me to be my best and true self. A specific outcome of this is that I have begun a new and exciting career after 56 cycles of seasons. I know now I am creative and every day I choose to lead a life of passion, joy and intention. Her book is a beautiful way to reflect on life and celebrate just who you are.
                        ~ Lois Greenberg

Thank you, Gloria for introducing me to Legacy Living. I am so grateful at 68 years old to find a path to walk! I appreciate your wisdom and the inspiration you so beautifully express. I love your questions which invite me to more. I hope many find this book and begin living by its principles. Our world will be a different place as each of us embraces this way of life.
I believe it will enable me to recognize my signature presence and call forth in my 6-year-old greatgrandaughter her specialness. I intend to acquaint her with the six covenants as I commit to and give expression to them in my own life. Perhaps your next book would be written for children to
teach them Legacy Living. What a gift!!
                        ~ Mary Kay Krause

I wanted to let you know that you've helped me to achieve some of my goals. With your help (encouraging words and helping me write my personal statement for medical school and residency and now for a job), I got into several medical schools and found a wonderful residency. I now have a great job doing what I love--wroking with children--and a thriving pediatric practice.
Thank you for your encouragement and for staying the course with me!
                        ~Dr. Deborah A, McEwen

Last summer, my daughter found $20 outside the office building where she was working an intern. As she tucked the money away, Quinn wondered who might need the money more than her. Then she remembered a conversation we'd had about a grandmother who was caring for her grandchildren, because their
own mother wasn't able to do so. Quinn asked if I could send the $20 to the grandmother. Though I vividly remembered this wonderful woman's story, I couldn't recall her name so I contacted someone who knew her. My friend Grace said she'd make sure the grandmother received the money. Talk about timing. When Grace contacted the grandmother, she had just agreed to care for another newborn grandchild. She was deeply grateful and delighted to receive the money to help buy much needed diapers. Quinn and Grace, thank you for legacies of thoughtfulness, compassion, and service. And thank you, grandmother JoAnne, for you are an earth angel to this generation and the next.

                        ~ Gloria Burgess



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