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“Envisioning our legacy for tomorrow can help us learn how to live today. All leaders need to demonstrate Legacy Living for their employees. Great coaching to help all of us focus on what really matters!”

— Marshall Goldsmith, Author of The Leader of the Future, a Business Week best-seller, World-Renowned Executive Coach, Recognized as one of 50 great thinkers and leaders of the past 80 years
“This inspirational book demonstrates in practical ways how to cultivate the character qualities of love, faith, trust, wisdom, vision, and integrity in order to unharness the unlimited creative and resourcefulness found in the human spirit. Gloria Burgess provides an invaluable guidebook for any profession, age group, or individual.
— Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author, The Second Half of Life and The Four-Fold Way

“Gloria Burgess is a Living Legacy of what humanity truly can be. She understands the humanity in each of us individually and in the world. We need to listen to Gloria, and to learn from her.”
— Dr. Nancy J. Adler, Professor of International Management, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

“I have had the honor over the years to become a colleague of Gloria Burgess. I have come to know her as a living, breathing testimony on how to live an authentic life. She is a life model for integrity, how to live with a strong sense of purpose as she teaches us how to honor our creative self. Her presence is a gift to the planet. Gloria’s own legacy is that she has made a tremendous difference in many people’s lives.”
— John Oleson M.A, Life and Career Coach

“Given the times in which we live, Gloria reminds all of us that legacy living is not an option. Legacy living is an imperative.”
— JoAnne Daley, Workshop Participant

“Legacy Living is extraordinary. Gloria compels you to re-imagine your life and create the conditions necessary to explore what truly matters, not just for yourself, but for others. In this important new book, Dr. Burgess calls us to be stewards for the next generation and, more importantly, she guides you step by step along the way.”
— Annette Green, Workshop Participant

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